Should You Hire A Public Speaker On Tragedy? 3 Things They Will Help Your Organization Do

Should You Hire A Public Speaker On Tragedy? 3 Things They Will Help Your Organization Do

10 December 2020
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Tragedies are a part of life. They can be personal, like losing a loved one, or shared, such as a fire at the workplace. Sometimes, when people suffer a tragedy, they stay stuck in the grieving process. One of the most amazing things about the human experience is the capacity to rise against all odds. If your company has been through a recent tragedy and you feel that employees haven't healed, you can hire a professional tragedy public speaker to help them process the pain. Here are three ways a public speaker on tragedy is best suited to address your employees and help them cope with the circumstances.

They Help Those in Crisis to Seek Help

A work environment is a busy place. Sometimes, people are obsessed with meeting their goals and targets, and they forget to check on one another. At the same time, people process tragedy differently. You might think that a particular employee is holding up well after losing a loved one because they have been showing up, but they could be crumbling inside. 

A public speaker is, first of all, often an empath. They can easily sense it when someone is in distress or just experienced a tragedy. Second, they know how to draw everyone out of their cocoon and face their pain. Third, they can tell when someone is experiencing a mental health crisis and help them get professional help.

They Conduct Group Therapy Sessions

This year has been difficult for everyone because of the global health crisis. Many people have lost loved ones. Others are anxious because their family is in the hospital or quarantine facility. The lockdowns and other control measures have created an economic crisis. As an employer, you should be doing the best to support your employee's emotional well-being.

You can invite a public speaker for a group encouragement session from time to time. People heal a lot from just speaking to others about the on-going crisis or listening to others who have experienced the same tragedy. In this case, hiring a public speaker on tragedy is the best thing you could do.

They Promote Emotional Wellness

Mental health determines how productive your employees are or will be. A stressed employee or one who just had a tragedy cannot focus on the tasks ahead of them. Also, when people work while anxious or depressed, they make more mistakes. A competent public speaker on tragedy can help people get their pain off their chests. Your employees will give their best when their minds are at peace.

Before hiring a public speaker to talk to your employees about tragedy and how to overcome it, ask about the speaker's qualifications and experience. Choose someone with a little counseling background for the best support for your workers in crisis. Look around you to find a public speaker on tragedy.

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