Why You Should Book A Luxury Nomad Tent Experience Over A Hotel

Why You Should Book A Luxury Nomad Tent Experience Over A Hotel

8 September 2022
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When you think about booking accommodation for an upcoming vacation, your first instinct might be to see what hotels are in the area you're visiting. While hotels can offer a number of advantages, it can also be fun to explore other forms of accommodation. One option that is popular in a lot of tourist hotspots is to book a luxury nomad tent for you and your significant other. These structures look like large tents from the exterior, but have a lengthy list of swanky amenities inside that will make you forget you're in a tent. Here are some reasons to book a luxury nomad tent instead of a hotel.


A lot of hotels can be noisy, which not every guest enjoys. When you're in your room, you can often hear people talking loudly as they walk down the wall, doors slamming throughout your floor, and TVs blaring in adjacent rooms. If you enjoy quiet accommodation when you travel, a better choice can be a luxury tent. These tents are often situated in semi-remote areas, which means that you won't have many people around you. Properties that have multiple tents usually have the tents well spaced out, giving you a pleasing degree of quiet.

Closer To Nature

If you're the type of person who enjoys the idea of finding accommodation that is close to nature, a luxury tent can be an ideal choice. Many of the tents are situated in spots that are surrounded by trees. When you step out of the swanky interior of the tent, you'll be greeted with a lush forest that immediately helps you to feel more relaxed. While there are some hotels that are close to nature to some degree, few will give you the same nature-focused experience as staying in a luxury tent.

Unique Experience

Booking one or more nights in a luxury nomad tent will give you a unique experience that you can expect to remember for a long time. When you stay in a hotel, it's common to find that there are a lot of attributes of your room and the property as a whole that are similar to other hotels you've visited in the past. This can often mean that one hotel doesn't stand out over another. The unique location, layout, and features of a luxury tent aren't something that you'll confuse with any hotel. Look online to find a luxury nomad tent campground in an area you wish to visit. 

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