These Temp Jobs Can Be Perfect For Recent Retirees

These Temp Jobs Can Be Perfect For Recent Retirees

26 November 2019
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Temp work is often a good choice for college-aged young men and women, but the reality is that anyone can succeed in a temp capacity. If you've recently retired, but you're looking for something to do a few days a week to earn some money, temp work might be right for you. You'll obviously want to be selective about the type of role that you perform — working construction or doing landscaping probably won't appeal to you at this stage of your life. Fortunately, there are a number of temp jobs that can be suitable for recent retirees. Here are some examples.


People of all ages work as temp tutors, but this is a position that is definitely suitable for you if you've recently retired. This can especially be true if you've retired from being a teacher at any level. Working as a temp tutor is fulfilling because you know that you'll be helping students every day. A good tutor may be the difference between a student passing or failing a given course, and your assistance may also help some students to get accepted at the college of their choice. You'll ideally be able to tutor in an area about which you're passionate — which may hardly seem like work.

ESL Teacher

You may also encounter an opportunity to work in a temp capacity as an instructor to people who are learning English as a second language. While a background in education will make you a good fit for this role, simply demonstrating that you have an aptitude for reading, writing, and speaking can be the credentials that you need. This is another temp role that is highly satisfying because you'll be changing peoples' lives. Someone who currently struggles with the language may be able to get a desired job as a result of your help, for example.

Driving Instructor

If you're a confident and capable driver — and perhaps someone who drove in some capacity for a living — working as a temp driving instructor may be appealing. Not only will you get to help people in the classroom, but you'll also have an opportunity to get out on the roads with your students and help them to apply what they've learned. You'll be working primarily with young people, so it's important to have an affinity for adolescents. People of other ages will also be students of yours, which will help to give you a well-rounded experience.

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